Nepal Health Professional Federation is a non-governmental, non-profitable and social organization registered under Nepal Government and Social Welfare Council in the year 2005. Our main objective is to contribute to the health sector of Nepal by providing valuable suggestions to the government, ensuring quality of service for consumers and encouraging coordination among the health institutions.

Our Vision
» To help enhance the quality of health care services provided by health institutions in Nepal and make health care services easily accessible for general Nepalese people.
  Primary Objectives

To take initiatives to improve the quality and standard of health care services available at medical centers across Nepal


To encourage coordination and unity among medical centers, NGO's & other health care providers for improving their quality of service.

» To provide health education and training as a supportive measure to technical staffs of member organizations.
» To organize health awareness campaigns directed towards foreign employment seekers and general Nepalese people in selected parts of the nation.
» To take initiatives for solving existing difficulties facing legally operating medical centers and to take proactive measures against any difficulty that may arise in future.
» To safeguard the rights of health care providers and medical professionals.
» To encourage mutual cooperation, exchange of ideas and knowledge among registered medical centers.
» To give appreciation letter, medals, prizes and other thanks giving letters to individuals making significant contributions with valuable advises to this organization.
» To organize various programs and activities for collecting innovative ideas for the betterment of all the medical centers.
  Secondary Objectives
» To make sure that every member of this Federation provides quality and reliable service to the clients.
» Establish public – private – NGO partnership in the delivery of the health care services.
» To increase the number of qualified medical professionals, paramedics and other technical staffs in the health sector.
» To provide time to time refreshment trainings to health personnel for ensuring better service and correct reports.
» To increase the maximum participation and involvement of member organizations.